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The boy and the ram
                                                The boy and the ram
     Long ago, in the distant lands outside of Ancient Egypt lay small divisions of villages. These villages were not involved in any historical event, therefore were not known and were hidden from any map. One, located on the far north lay a quiet and nameless village, filled with peasants and their herd of cattle, sheep and the like. Their own currency is the trade of their possessions and traders were simple in their trades and sought no intention to get the higher pay than his debtor. Each peasant would fish by the small lake nearby while the others tended their sheep. The rest would farm and the women and children would do household chores. At their free
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The wolf from the meadows
Throughout the course of time, wolves have been feared due to their ferociousness and their brand as beasts. Humans hunt them for protection of flock or for the profit of their fur. To this, the wolves were led to the far mountains. It was apparent to them that if they had stayed in the plains, they would get shot. So slowly, one by one, each pack had migrated to the mountains on the far north.
Despite of this, one pack was left behind; their reason – because the plains was their only home. Live or die, they wish for it to happen in the plains for it was now a part of them.
Time passed and the hunters began to track them down. Day by day, each member of their pack is either killed or captured to be tortured for the fun of it. It wasn’t for long when their pack has been depleted into the last remaining two members. Both were parents who gave birth to a new pup. But right after the pup had been born, the parents were hunted down and killed by the cruel hunters.
Luckily, the pup
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White Fang Prophecy Ch. 2
Chapter 2 : Promises
    As the day went on, Kiche and Shiroki walked across the cold forest in the hopes of finding a way out. It was a quiet forest with only the occupying sounds of the autumn wind blowing across the valley of spruce trees. The flock of birds which were seen above was heading south and the mammals were collecting food for the winter.
    Noon came and they reached an abandoned human camp. Kiche went inside the tents first and grabbed out two hooded cloaks.
    “There’s nothing else to see inside…” Kiche stopped Shiroki before he entered the tent as well, “Look for any kind of food that we can bring along. We can’t stay so be quick.”
    Shiroki followed without a word. He understood that Kiche was not in the mood to talk and for years; he had always learned that “if his mother was either angry, sad or in any form of stress, he should just leave her
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White Fang Prophecy Ch. 1
Chapter 1 : Venom of the Past
    It was a dark and stormy night the Mana train drove through the frozen tracks, pushing back the blistering snowstorm; four human soldiers and six other slaved beastmen were aboard the small train. The beastmen were in the engine room, keeping the train in pace while the humans were on the cargo hold, keeping an eye for the supplies. Two of the humans seemed to be in charge of the slaves while the other two were in charge of protecting the cargo.
    The Mana locomotive had markings of neon all over it and unlike the trains from Earth; this train had no wheels but was hovering along the tracks. The tracks were frozen but still emitted enough light to see what is in front a few meters away though the storm hampered the visual volume of what a normal eye could see. The train was holding three railroad cars: first one was the lounge and the other two were food supplies and ammunition.
    The beas
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White Fang Prophecy - Overview
Shiroki, boy of the beastmen who was born in a small and peaceful town is a Lycan and is a son of Kiche and Marc who were known to be one of the ace commanders of one of the Rebellion’s frontal divisions. Regardless of this fact, the two kept this a secret from Shiroki and the villagers for the past 10 years. The boy was raised as of any other child who had no clue about the war going on outside of the village and was given a life of peace and tranqulity.
            One night, the beastmen soldiers who were in search of Kiche and Marc have then found the village and burned it into the ground, killing everyone in their way. With nowhere else run, Marc stayed to fight the engaging beastmen and made Kiche and her son escape. From afar, they saw a light which consumed the whole village and turned it into ashes. The two then moved on with no father to wait for.
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White Fang Prophecy - Prologue
                  Theia - a world inhabited by beings not from any other world. It was a land wherein mystic and wonder roam, inhabited by a number of majestic yet powerful beings.  Amongst the mass number of life inhabited in that world, there, existed two supreme races.
                One was the human race - race filled with humans who have the capabilities in mastering both magic and uses them to their own machinery. The other, the beastmen - They are a race that far surpass the abilities of any human alive, both in terms of physical abilities and their knowledge of the magic. The beastmen were divided into different tribes. Each were composed of the specific breed - Lycans as the men with canine features, Felicians were men with feline features, Fowlets people with wings on eithe
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